Culture of Hawaii

In the culture of Hawaii, everything means something. There’s a legend (or a deeper significance of some kind) that attaches itself to virtually every nook and cranny of these islands—and that’s especially true with our legends and myths. Many Hawaiian words have multiple associations that add up to an immense and intricate skein of meanings, and if anyone delved into decoding this place, they would stumble into a parallel universe that’s positively replete with ideas that Westerners have little acquaintance with. Many would say that while Hawaii is part of the United States, it is not America. Beneath the veneer of American civilization, Hawaii is a magical place whose culture is a storehouse of sorely needed wisdom.


Pau Pele, pau manō. – May I be devoured by Pele, may I be devoured by a shark. (It was believed that if such an oath were not kept, the one who uttered it would indeed die by fire or be eaten by a shark.)

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