Hawaiian Coffees

Here in our Hawaiian Coffees collection, there are no flavored coffees, no phony Kona blends, just the real goods (and they are really good!).

Hawaii coffee

He ipu kāʻeo. – A full calabash. (A knowledgeable person.)

Kaanapali Moka Coffee

From the stony soil of Araby to Maui’s fertile fields, the delicate cherries of Yemen Moka seem to have weathered the journey well. (Who– or what– after all, is not improved by a change of venue to Maui?) The coffee’s broad, velvety character and smoky nuance evokes the guttering lamps of a Yemeni souk, and may have you casting about for your hookah as such pipe dreams play in your mind’s eye. In the knowing hands of those who know coffee best, the pride of Yemen has become Kaanapali Moka– ambrosia itself by any other name.

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Hawaii coffee