Jams & Jellies

Hawaiian Jams & Jellies

Here in Hawaiian Jams & Jellies, a dizzying assortment. Imagine: the insane savor of tropical fruits… concentrated.

ka’u Orange & mango Marmalade

Nature is known to accord the most effective camouflage to the most sought-after, toothsome prey. So when it comes to Ka’u oranges, I go out of my way to select the most butt-ugly specimens I can find, appreciating their profound homeliness as a deterrent to the uninitiated. Regrettably perhaps, their blessed anonymity has been compromised. In clear glass jars of their marmalade incarnation, their golden virtues are immediately discernible. Blended with our own glorious Haden mangoes (no spurious Mexican pretenders here), Ka’u Orange & Mango Marmalade is as ebulliently delicious as the oranges themselves are ugly. ‘Nuff said– of higher praise I cannot conceive.

hawaiian jams & jellies

E ʻai i ka mea i loaʻa. – What you have, eat. (Be satisfied with what you have.)

What are Jams & Jellies without Hawaiian Honey to accompany?

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hawaiian jams & jellies