Hawaiian Jewelry

Here in Hawaiian Jewelry, ancient apothegms are inscribed into sterling bangles that seem polished like the disk of the sun itself: “All is peaceful,” we are assured. “A beloved child is a lei never forgotten,” we are reminded. “Love gives life within.” A garden of Island botanicals flourishes in gold and silver, with fingers of lau’ae extending their benediction, graceful trumpets of calla lillies, and Maui roses unfolding in painstaking intricacy. Petroglyph immortals wield paddles and rainbows in golden amulets, while processions of sea turtles and the gentle flow of ocean waves grace necklaces and bracelets. The timeless wisdom and motifs of our Island legacy are accorded their due in precious metals and priceless artistry.


Hoʻokahi nō lā o ka malihini. – A stranger only for a day.
(After the first day as a guest, one must help with the work.)

The only known cure for an incurable longing for Hawaiian bling is to buy some. The gold-wallahs in Hawaiian Gold Jewelry have just what you need.

Untold treasures await you in The Great Hawaiian Bazaar!

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