Hawaiian Sauces

Hawaiian Sauces

Here in Hawaiian Sauces, a remembrance of a relationship gone all right:

Determined that the right thing be done, Aunty Soon grimly presided over the shotgun wedding of yet another hot pepper (a jalapeno) that got mixed up in some saucy Oriental dip–in this case, that secret sauce known as shoyu, so beloved to insiders here (shhh!). But whadda ya know—they hit it off splendidly! The fruit of their union, the shoyu-pickled jalapeno, combines (in the fashion of Island progeny everywhere) the best of both lineages. As certain to bring a smile to your face as any bright-eyed button bouncing in your lap, the heat of the now-tawny jalapeno has been tempered by the charms of its mysterious marinade. It may not have been planned, but what the hell, the best things in life seldom are.

Aunty Soon’s Whole Pickled Jalapenos

macadamia nut chocolate

Ai a manō, ‘a‘ohe nānā i kumu pali. – When the shark eats, he never troubles to look toward the foot of the cliff. (Said of a person who eats voraciously with no thought of those who provided the food, shows no appreciation for what has been done for him, nor has a care for the morrow.)

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