Videos: Niihau and Leeward Islands

Videos of Niihau and Leeward Islands

Welcome to our collection of videos of Niihau and Leeward Islands. Niihau offers an ironic answer to the question of whether there’s still room in Hawaii for the Hawaiian. Niihau’s remnant of the Hawaiian way of life is deliberately isolated so that the private island’s only contact with the outside world is the occasional boat from Kauai for locals only. Is the traditional Hawaiian way of life so vulnerable and supremely ill suited to the modern day and age that it cannot stand the light of day? Niihau is the last purely Hawaiian community, hanging on like a diorama in a museum, imparting its message that much as we celebrate the Hawaiian way of life, we have not accepted it. The lesson of diversity in the history of the American experiment is that either we embrace our differences and benefit from them, or we allow ourselves to be overcome by those differences and impoverished.

Niihau and the Leeward Islandd

U`a mau ke ia o ka aina i ka pono – The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

“Niihau” (8:49)


“Niihau” (8:48)

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Niihau and the Leeward Islands.