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Hawaii’s Inside Story is about everything that makes Hawaii what it is for our people: its history, its tales, its visual arts and music, all that it makes that makes our community so creative, and so much more. Hawaii Inside puts us in touch with the inner dimensions of our islands and our people, and puts our finger on the rhythm of its heartbeat. We know it as the aloha spirit… not the commercialized version of our ironically-named “hospitality industry”, but the magical mix of unnumbered elements of our Hawaiian and local way of life.

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Ua ola loko i ke aloha – Love gives life within.

A Community Resource

This site is about us, and for us. At the heart of our site is our collection of videos: hundreds of free videos on countless aspects of Hawaii’s history, its culture and people, its timeless and ancient traditions, and more. While a picture’s worth a thousand words, videos speak volumes. We invite you to partake at Videos. Have a look, learn, and change your life.

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A Bit of History

Hawai'i: A World Apart

As a way of getting our feet wet (even with the ocean at hand), here’s a mind map (“WisdomMaps”) on the history and culture of Hawaii. WisdomMaps lay things out in a multimedia-rich environment that you’ll find fascinating… it’s history as you’ve never seen it! Here’s the home map, which you’ll find along with all its companion maps in WisdomMaps of Hawaii.

Hawai’i: A World Apart

Now, Give a Listen…

“Hi’ilawe • braddah Iz Kamakawiwoole”

Wolohu’s Sunday School

Try look: Wolohu’s Sunday School. Our correspondent Wahanui’s account of some of the more wretched excesses visited upon Hawai’i from the time of contact with the infamous Captain James Cook to the present-day Age of Hawaiian Rage. It’s been a fine madness indeed.

A Bit More History

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The Pacific is our larger home. The Hawaiian Islands occupy the northern apex of the Great Polynesian Triangle, which is anchored in the far southeast by Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and by New Zealand in the southwest. This vast ocean also includes the island domains of Micronesia and Melanesia, each stretching for many hundreds of miles. For the purpose of the Big Picture, here are our mind maps for the cultures and history of the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. While collectively all of the Pacific islands’ territory amounts to but a relatively small land mass, the psychic expanse of the islands of the Pacific is immense and its spiritual depth profound. Their peoples and amazing civilizations occupy an out-sized presence in our imaginations.

A View Toward the Future

Hawaii is one of the world’s best examples of a melting pot society. We know how to make it work. We all get along pretty well (albeit with a sense of humor), and our community and way of life is sustained by both its Hawaiian host culture and by people whose origins lie in places far, far away. We believe that Hawaii has a future different from the one we presently contemplate (with mixed emotions). We hope to encourage new thinking and initiatives toward creating a knowledge economy in Hawaii that will someday export America’s most valued product, its higher education, to the world. A patented technology now exists to make American higher education available to global learners everywhere, in their own languages, without requiring study in the United States. And it’s all ours. Just think: Hawaii as a global knowledge center and visitor destination of a very different sort.

Interested? Have a look at Our Future.

We know you’ll enjoy your visit with Hawaii Inside. There’s magic within!

P.S. If you have a taste for history, we invite you to our companion site WisdomMaps.info. It’s history as you’ve never seen it!

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