Early Photography: Honolulu

Early Photography of Honolulu

Welcome to our collection of early photography of Honolulu. This is where America meets Asia. Honolulu is America’s most Asian city, with more than half of its people claiming some measure of Asian descent. I can’t shake the suspicion that these islands were placed where they are–in between the two very different worlds of East and West–for a good reason. I’m confident that Honolulu will find its destiny as a center of the Pacific Rim community, and I believe that its populace is destined to become ever more multi-cultural. As woefully ignorant as most Americans are about Asia–and as most Asians are about America–we need all the help we can get in bridging the chasm that continues to yawn in the efforts of East and West to get a grip on each other.

early photography of Honolulu

He iʻa no ka moana, he aho loa kū i ke koʻa.
A fish of the deep sea requires a long line that reaches the sea floor. (In order to obtain good position, one must prepare.)

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early photography of Honolulu