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Here in Talk Story are the stories that a community as endlessly creative as ours loves to tell (and be told).

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Pū‘ali kalo i ka we ‘ole. – Taro, for lack of water, grows misshapen. (For lack of care one becomes ill.)


Why Does It Take Five Years for Mosquitoes to Stop Biting You? • Herding Mackerel with a Barracuda • The Sweet Sap of Mango Season • Chicken Wire Meat: The Best Part of the Pig • Alaea Red Dirt and Other Kahuna Stuffs • Mynahs: Bird with Attitude • Homemade is Hands Down Da Bes’: Hawaii’s Iron-Bottom Moonshine • Tigah Lilly: The Meanest Pit Bull of All • Stalking the Great White Shark of Niihau • Shiokara: Fish Gill Chutney


Midnight at the Awa Café • Bottling the Wellsprings of Mauna Loa • Worker’s Paradise: Minimum Wage Family • Big Island-Grown: Coffee to Die For, Ka’u Cacao, and an Orange Only a Mother Could Love • Why is Stuff Grown on Maui “Better Than Sex?” • Mega Malls, Designer Brand Madness, and Japanese Shopping Tours: Hawaii As Retail Paradise • Early Morning at the Fish Auction • Jerky from the Master Marlin Smoker • Outer-Island but Other-Worldly Goodies • Bed & Breakfast in the Valley of Birdsong and Rainbows • Orchids: Growing Jewelry in the Greenhouse • See-Through and Softly Glowing: Hawaiian Hardwood Bowls • Hawaiian Quilts: Patchwork of Aloha • Fishing Lures: The Bizarre, the Grotesque, and the Merely Outlandish • Ancient Healing in New Bottles: Noni Juice and Kukui Oil • Hawaiian Salt: Savor of the Sea • The Haunting Beauty of Black Pearls • Tokyo-Grade Sashimi (If Can Find!) • More Precious than Gold: Island Classics in Silver • Miso Maker: Aromatic Alchemy of the Soybean • Gourmet’s Guide to Poi: The 330 Varieties of the Taro of Yore • Chili Peppah Water Gone Up-Market • Who Comes Up With This Stuff?: The Schlockiest Trinkets in Waikiki • Waialua and the Death of Sugar • The Last Mom n’ Pop Store • Sumida Farm: Growing Watercress in the Heart of the American Dream • In the Key of Sweet Soulfulness: Ukulele and Steel Guitar

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K-Bar Girls: Their Stories Would Amaze You • The Queer World of a Chinatown Mahu • King of the Beach Boys • What It’s Really Like to be Homeless in Hawaii • Interview With a Waikiki Hooker • The Gentlemanly Confidences of a Koele Concierge • The Less-than-Legitimate Lifestyle of a Pakalolo Farmer • In Exile: Local Folks on the Mainland • Beyond Halawa: Locals in Texas Prisons • The Tall Tales of Uncle Herman, the Last Kahuna

Sense of Place

Molokai: The Last Hawaiian Place • The Very Last Hawaiian Place: Mokuleia Roadside Camp • Makua: A Different Kind of Beach • Cane Cutter Camp: Fighting Cock Come Chicken Adobo • Kalihi Ilikai: Life in the Project • Waimanalo: There but for Ewa Went Our Second City • The Gritty Tropical Town of Hilo • Down Home on the South Kona Coffee Far • They Took No Prisoners: Death of Plantation Life on Lanai • Our Japanese Expatriate Community in Kahala • Hotel Street’s Grottiest Dives • A Connoisseur of Beach Litter • At the Summit of Ka’ala, the Fragrant One • The Wettest Place on Earth: A Week in the Alakai Swamp • Waiahole Water: To Slake the Soul of a Valley


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Wretched Excess: The Rise and Fall of Christopher B. Hemmeter • UnReal Estate • Paleo-Hippies in Waikiki • Fantasy Island: Big Island Mega-Resorts • They Want to Build a Carnival on the North Shore • The Glory Era: Japanese Trophy Real Estate Hunting • Batu: Hawaii’s New Ice Age • Hawaii through the Eyes of the Tourist Media • Hawaii’s Wackiest Development Schemes

Things Hawaiian

As Tutu Tells It: Oral Histories • Inside Bumpy’s Village • The Healing Muck of the Lo’i • The Ogo Wars • Hawaiian Style at the Ala Moana Farmers Market • Wellsprings of a Different Economy: The Fishponds of Molokai • Hawaiian-Style in Island Architecture • The Night Rainbow and Other Metaphysical Perspectives • Hawaiian Time: Once Upon a Time in a World Without Clocks • Miloli’i: Fishing Hamlet • Mokua’a: Islands in the Supersonic Slipstream • Urban Shaman • Land as Legend: The Hidden Meanings of Place • Makua: A Very Different Kind of Beach • Kualoa: Oahu’s Most Sacred Place • Hunting Pig in Haleakala’s Rain Forest

Be sure to drop in on Wahanui’s Tall Tales, from our local correspondent and commentator on the absurd!

P.S. If you have a taste for history, we invite you to our companion site WisdomMaps.info. It’s history as you’ve never seen it!

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