Early Photography: Whaling

Early Photography of Hawaii and Whaling

Welcome to our collection of early photography of Hawaii and whaling. This was a tragedy both large and very small. At one end of the scale were the great whales, while at the other end there was the tiny mosquito. The captain of a whaling ship, anchored off Lahaina, Maui for a few days of leisure for his crew, took issue with a local chief who, at the prompting of the missionaries, had forbidden the women to have anything to do with the randy whalers roving the town. The captain took his revenge when, during his ship’s next visit to Lahaina, he dumped a barrel of mosquito-infested water in the town, and in so doing blessed Hawaii with mosquitoes. May he rot.

whaling and Hawaii

Ku ke ehu o na wahi auwaa liili! How the spray dashes up before that fleet of little canoes! (Tempest in a teapot.)

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whaling and Hawaii